Appreciation and thanks

Appreciation and thanks

Nothing arises independently especially not a training in communication. Deep Listening Training came out of an invitation from Mary Moore. Its growth in West Cork, Ireland and its development into an international training is the result of the care, love, belief and commitment of a large number of people.

We would like to thank the following people for their support and contributions over the years.

Our Participants

First a big thank you to everyone who came on all our courses, and who showed us the value of this training.  You stayed with us for an intensive and transforming five days and then some of you even came back again for more, bringing your friends and family with you. You bring heart to this work and give it its powerful life force.

Friends and Supporters

A particular warm heart thanks to the following people who have given much time, love and energy into this project and who are our greatest supporters. Without these people’s help and faith in Deep Listening, it would never have become the international training that it is today. Many people have helped with this project over the years and the following people deserve a special mention.


Alvina Cassidy who believed in Deep Listening from the beginning

Nicki Beshoff

John Douglas

Bernie Jeffrey


Jens Pingel

Angela Bork-Krahmer

The Netherlands

Gert Roos

Sara van Stempvoort

Anne Heynen

Rianne Maille

Mariette Hamaker

Ron Sjollema

Chantal Bergers

Annie Birken

Carel Braak

Harriët Messing


Vicky Lindsay

Sonya Frearson

Joseph Oliver

Kevin Baker 

Giles Oliver


Dvora Raicher


Patxi del Campo